Vanessa Marie Sanchez


Crumbs in the Bed (Web Comedy Series) 2012

"Crumbs in the Bed" is a webseries sitcom about a young married couple with a new home who laugh, bicker and negotiate while in bed together.
They met in college, fell in love and got married after graduation. Now they have a house and a bed they can call their own... together... when she's not mad at him. "Crumbs in the Bed" presents a comical and at times poignant portrayal of a young marriage-in-progress.

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When It's Your Time 2012
A good ol' boy just lives his life hanging out at a job he doesn't like and playing pinball, a game he loves, until one day a stranger enters his world, and everything changes.

Director: Carolyn Hodge
Writer: Cathy Bible

Sound Engineer: Vanessa Sanchez


A short film bout a young advertiser who has the life anyone would desire. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she has partial seizure during an interview.



Slant 45 The          Movie

Slant 45 The Movie

A feature-length documentary that follows service-learning programs for kids around North Texas.

Motion Graphics- Worked with team to complete Supers and end credits.

Premiered January 29, 2011 at the Angelika Film Center.

Depression (Music Video)

Poem by Rage.

Director of Photography



A short film by Studio 712 Productions

Directed by Vanessa Sanchez

  • Fourth Runner Up at Austin's 24 Hour Film Race
  • Best Musical Score


Cielo Lindo (2013)

Everyone be sure to check out the Season Premier of 'Crumbs in the Bed'! This new web comedy series will keep you laughing! - This is one of Vanessa's latest projects, and you don't want to miss it!

Check out Vanessa and the rest of the team in 'When It's Your Time',  a short film that will be coming soon. Stay tuned for that!  

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